Woolman on Contract (5ed)

Woolman on Contract (5ed)
Woolman on Contract (5ed)
Black, G
W Green & Son

Now in its fifth edition and fourth decade, the highly respected Woolman on Contract is the ideal introductory text to Scots contract law. Written in a clear and readable style it covers all the relevant core principles to a comprehensive level. Author Gillian Black, having taken up the text from Lord Woolman for the previous edition, begins by locating contract in the wider scheme of Scots Law, going on to cover all key elements of the subject, from formation through the contract terms, to termination, breach and remedies. Woolman on Contract takes a comparative approach to the subject, making it easy to identify variations between Scots and English law.

The fifth edition is entirely up-to-date, covering all recent judicial developments and legislative changes in the field. In particular, the text incorporates cases from the Court of Session and UK Supreme Court on critical areas such as interpretation, implied terms, and mutuality and retention, together with a revised and updated analysis on the law on error.

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