Unjustified Enrichment Vol 2

Unjustified Enrichment Vol 2
Unjustified Enrichment Vol 2
Evans-Jones, R
W Green & Son

This second volume of Unjustified Enrichment follows on from the first volume on enrichment by deliberate conferral; this volume covers enrichment acquired by any other manner.  

The text provides an authoritative and comprehensive account of the subject, and will establish a scheme of the precise features and limits of claims of unjustified enrichment.  Robin Evans-Jones analyses the circumstances in which an obligation of restitution exists, the basis of each claim, the content of the obligation and its precise limits.

  1. Overview of Structure and History
  2. The General Enrichment Principle and the “other” part
  3. Interference with another’s property and analogous rights without a legal ground
  4. Claim for imposition of unauthorised benefits in good faith by physical improvement and repair of another’s property and analogous claims.
  5. Payment/performance of another person’s debt/duty
  6. Three party enrichment
  7. Subsidiarity and issues concerning measure of recovery
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