Understanding Contract Law (5ed)

Understanding Contract Law
Understanding Contract Law (5ed)
Adams, JN
Sweet & Maxwell

Understanding Contract Law presents a succinct yet intellectually challenging overview of contract law. This fifth edition:

  • Goes beyond traditional “black letter” exposition to provide a real understanding of the subject
  • Offers a unique analysis of contract doctrine - the authors’ terminology of “market-indivualism’ and “consumer-welfarism” has been widely adopted
  • Looks at how the contract rulebook emerged
  • Explains how the rulebook doctrines and particular judicial decisions reflect a range of underlying tensions (relating to the general ideologies of adjudication and the particular ideologies of contract)
  • Examines how the institution of contract is undergoing major changes at the beginning of the twenty-first century
  • Covers all key case law and statutory developments
  • Sets a distinctive manifesto for legal education that is in line with the ACLEC emphasis on “understanding” (rather than passive role learning) as the key to the initial stage of legal education
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