Trusts and Equity (8ed)

Trusts and Equity (8ed)
Trusts and Equity (8ed)
Watt, G
Oxford University Press

The eighth edition ofTrusts and Equitybuilds on the successful approach taken in previous editions and continues to offer students a thorough and enthusiastic analysis of this complex field of law.

Drawing on years of experience, Gary Watt encourages students to actively engage with the subject and think critically about its central issues, outlining the key perspectives with clarity and rigour.

Contents: Part I: Introduction to Trusts and Equity1: Foundations2: Trusts in context
Part II: Creation and Recognition of Trusts3: Trusts created expressly4: Effective disposition of benefit: constitution of trusts5: Ineffective disposition of benefit: resulting trusts6: Formality, perpetuity, and illegality: trust creation and public policy I7: Charity: trust creation and public policy II8: Constructive trusts and informal trusts of land
Part III: The Regulation of Trusts9: Flexibility of benefit10: The fiduciary duty11: Fulfilling and filling the office of trustee12: Trustee investment13: Breach of trust: the personal liability of trustees
Part IV: Trusts and Third Parties14: Tracing and recovering trust property15: The equitable personal liability of strangers to the trustPart V: Equity16: Equitable maxims, doctrines, and remedies.

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