State of Scots Law

State of Scots Law
State of Scots Law
Farmer, L
Bloomsbury Professional

Constitutional and political changes have produced a fundamental challenge to the ideas and institutions of Scots law. Written by leading academics from Scotland’s universities, all those with an interest in Scots law are provided with a valuable point of reference in this debate.

Constitutionalism, judicial review and "the Evident Utility of the Subjects within Scotland". Lawyers in Contemporary Scottish Politics: a new "dundas Depotism"? Legislating for Diversity: Minorities in the New Scotland. Scots Law and European Private Law. Old and Foreign: History, Historiography and camparative law. Scottish Self-Government and Unitary Constitution. Transitional Jurisprudence in teh UK: A Very Scottish Coup? Imagined Communities, Imaginary Conversations: Failure and the Consturction of Legal Identities. Under the Shadow over Parliament House: The Strange Case of Legal Nationalism.

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