Snell's Equity (33ed + Supplement)

Snell's Equity
Snell's Equity (33ed + Supplement)
McGhee, J
Sweet & Maxwell

Acknowledged as the leading authority on equity,Snelldeals with equitable principles and remedies, together with their application in trusts, probate and mortgages. It is renowned for its clear discussion of how the complex rules of equity apply in practice.

    • The 1st Supplement was published in December 2015
    • The Main Work was published in December 2014
  • Analyses the five ancient equitable doctrines of conversion, reconversion, election, performance and satisfaction
  • Shows how the principles can be applied to solve clients' problems
  • Considers a wide range of equitable remedies
  • Explores the growing application of trusts and fiduciary obligations in commercial contexts
  • Discusses dealings with equity including assignments of choses in action, and priorities
  • Includes chapters on floating charges, powers and breach of confidence
  • Explains the implications of all recent case law and legislative developments WHAT’S NEW TO THIS EDITION

    • Fiduciary chapter covers the Court of Appeal decisions in Sinclair v Versailles, FHR v Mankarious and also Ranson v Customer Systems, as well as Newey J’s judgment in Vivendi v Richards. The chapter also comments on the HCA judgment in Howard v Commissioner of Taxation, and the FCAFC decision in Grimaldi v Chameleon
    • Chapters on security covers the Supreme Court decision in Szepietowski and the Court of Appeal decision in Khans v Chifuntwe
    • The Supreme Court’s decision in FHR v Cedar Capital (on appeal from the Mankarious decision)
    • Updating of citations to reflect the consolidation in the Charities Act 2011
    • The chapter on breach of trust is rewritten to include the effect of the Supreme Court decision in Williams v Central Bank of Nigeria, which considers the effect of limitation on claims for dishonest assistance in breach of trust
    • Coverage of Marley v Rawlings on rectification of wills
    • Implications of Coventry v Lawrence on the availability of injunctive relief for claims in nuisance
    • Expansion of the Penalties and Forfeitures chapter due to significant recent developments
    • Statutory changes brought about by the Trusts (Income and Capital) Act 2013 and the Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Act 2014
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