Scottish Planning Law & Procedure

Scottish Planning Law & Procedure
Rowan-Robinson, JJ
W Green & Son

Planning Law and Procedure is a complete and thorough analysis of planning law in Scotland.

Contents: The Administration of town and country planning; National planning policy; Local planning policy; Development; Development not requiring the submission of a planning application; Development Control 1: planning applications; Development Control 2: the development plan and other material considerations; Development Control 3: conditions; Development Control 4: planning agreements; Development Control 5: planning authority's decision and other matters; The enforcement of planning control; Compensation and purchase notices; Control of the existing use of land; Positive planning; Planning blight and injurious affection; Special Controls 1: listed buildings and conservation areas; Special Controls 2: advertisements, trees and waste land; Special Controls 3: hazardous substances and waste land; Appeal and objection procedures; Challenge of plans, orders and planning decisions in the Court of Session; Appendix 1 planning authorities in Scotland; Appendix 2 list of current directions.

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