Scottish Planning Encyclopedia (5 Vols)

Scottish Planning Encyclopedia (5 Vols)
Gill, Hon Lord
W Green & Son

Please Note: This title is a looseleaf publication. If you wish to buy the main work only Avizandum Law Bookshop will be happy to supply it - please click on the Add to Cart button below. However, Avizandum Law Bookshop does not handle subscriptions to looseleaf publications. If you wish to purchase the main work and a subscription to the updating service, please contact the publishers direct.

The Scottish Planning Encyclopedia, edited by The Hon Lord Gill, assisted by Malcolm Thomson, QC, contains all the important legislation and quasi-legislation governing this particularly complex area of the law.

With a selection of narrative contributions from leading professionsals and a plethora of statutes, statutory instruments, NPG's, NPPGs and PANs, this is the most comprehensive planning manual available.

Planning Update: The subscription service for the Scottish Planning Encyclopedia also includes the updating bulletin Planning Update. This planning law current awareness service brings you details of all the legislation and quasi-legislation that has been promulgated since the previous release of the Encyclopedia. Published four times per year Planning Update features updates on new legislation, including statutes and SIs, all new NPGs and NPPGs, PANs and Circulars as well as digests of relevant cases.

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