Scottish Mental Health Tribunal: Practice and Procedure

Scottish Mental Health Tribunal: Practice and Procedures
Scottish Mental Health Tribunal: Practice and Procedure
Auchie, D
Edinburgh University Press

This unique text provides an authoritative and practical commentary on the procedure and practice of the new Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland. A full review of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland (Practice and Procedure) (No 2) Rules 2005 is conducted as well as a detailed examination of the relevant provisions of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003. The authors, both Legal Members of the Tribunal draw upon their own experience in convening tribunal hearings, as well as the experience of other members, making this text an invaluable tool for anyone involved at any level in the tribunal process.

An index is included.

Contents: The operation, structure and administration of the tribunal; Applications to the tribunal; Interim tribunal orders; Appeals and references to the tribunal; Pre-hearing tribunal procedure; Leading of evidence before the tribunal; Role of the curator ad litem; Role of the named person; Appeals from tribunal decisions.

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