Scots Law for Journalists (8ed)

Scots Law for Journalists (8ed)
Scots Law for Journalists (8ed)
McInnes, RMM
W Green & Son

This book provides a clear and concise guide to Scots law for journalists and editors and is the only book on this subject in Scotland. It is also an essential training aid for students studying Media Law as part of a law, journalism or communications degree.

This new edition includes comprehensive coverage of many relevant areas of the law which have recently undergone significant change, including guidance on the new UK and Scottish Freedom of Information Acts, the developing area of Privacy, coverage of the Bonomy Reforms in relation to criminal court procedure and new regulations relating to news gathering.

Equally suitable for print and broadcast journalists and thoroughly practical in focus, Scots Law for Journalists is also an authoritative quick reference guide on media law for advocates and solicitors.

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