Ranking and Priority of Creditors

Ranking and Priority of Creditors
Ranking and Priority of Creditors
Faber, D
Oxford University Press

This book is the third volume in the Oxford International and Comparative Insolvency Law Series. It addresses one of the critical issues of any insolvency by providing comprehensive analysis of the law and practice in relation to creditor claims.

As with the two previous volumes in the series the book provides a comparative view by setting out the relevant law and practice in over 20 jurisdictions drawing out the divergences and common features of domestic insolvency laws from a broad spectrum of countries. Areas covered include submission of claims, verification and admission of claims, ranking of insolvency and administration claims, treatment of non-enforceable claims, and voting and participation rights.

Quality, uniformity and the high level of detail of National Reports are the key benefits of this volume. The book assists practitioners in assessing which ranking and participation rights could be asserted by the various types of creditors in the jurisdictions covered. For scholars it provides access to a wealth of information which is currently not accessible in English.

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