Public Order: Law and Practice

Public Order
Public Order: Law and Practice
Beggs, J
Oxford University Press

How can police officers engaged in public order policing ensure they act lawfully, secure safe criminal convictions, avoid civil claims and, perhaps most importantly, maintain the peace? Tackling one of the most difficult areas of modern day policing, Public Order: Law and Practice presents practical, straightforward advice that is grounded in the letter of the law, helping police officers to make decisions under pressure and take control of potentially volatile situations.

Topics covered range from day-to-day problems such as drunken brawls and football offences to more serious issues such as violent protest and terrorism, providing you with the full spectrum of possible encounters and highlighting transferable skills. The book contains many useful practical features including definition boxes for commonly-used terms, and case studies and scenarios. Key points and best practices are summarised throughout the chapters, helping you to absorb the information and providing for a practical quick reference. Throughout, the authors offer you tips for dealing with both the common and less common in public order policing, while taking account of the latest case law and legislation.

This book is part of the Blackstone's Practical Policing Series. The series consists of practical guides containing clear and detailed explanations of the relevant legislation, accompanied by practical scenarios, illustrative diagrams and useful checklists.

  • Offers practical, straightforward advice on public order offences from drunken brawls and domestic disturbances to direct action and the threat of terrorism
  • Written in a practical and accessible style, making complex legislation and case law easy to understand
  • Includes guidance on the practical measures to take when planning, briefing, and giving evidence on public order operations
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