Public Law in Scotland

McHarg and Mullen Public Law in Scotland
Public Law in Scotland
McHarg, A
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The advent of a Scottish Parliament has heightened the distinctiveness of Scots public law and has given rise to a range of new issues.

This is due partly to the fact of devolution itself, but also because it has acted as a catalyst for a range of contingent changes to the governance of Scotland.

Public Law in Scotland, an edited collection of essays, deals in a thematic manner with those aspects of Scots public law which differ significantly from the law of the rest of the UK. It consists of an introduction and 15 substantive essays in three sections:

• Scotland’s constitutional context
• The governance of Scotland
• Controlling public power in Scotland

Contributors are drawn, in the main, from Scotland’s leading law schools and all are recognised experts in their respective fields.
Aileen McHarg is a Senior Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Glasgow and Tom Mullen is Professor of Law at the University of Glasgow.

a collection of consistently high quality ... that reflects well on the authors and editors” PUBLIC LAW

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