Profits of Charity

Profits of Charity
Profits of Charity
O'Halloran, K
Oxford University Press USA

The Profits of Charity examines the contemporary law governing the involvement of charity in commerce and explores the reasons why this involvement is dramatically changing.

From a perspective familiar to charity lawyers, NGO managers, and scholars, Kerry O'Halloran identifies the concepts and the law underpinning charities and their profits by tracing legal developments in the field and identifying the resulting opportunities and challenges for the future. At a time when many leading nations are confronting economic recession, the threat of terrorism, and the retreat of the 'welfare state,' this book explores why governments are turning to charities in their quest to cultivate social capital, consolidate civil society, and promote civic engagement.

In The Profits of Charity, Professor O'Halloran undertakes a comparative analysis of the balance struck among government, charity, and commerce in five leading common law nations, including the United States, Canada, England and Wales, New Zealand, and Australia. He uses analysis of legislation, outcomes of charity law reviews, and recent case law to illustrate jurisdictional differences, and concludes with an assessment of the extent and significance of the recalibrated relationship and considers the overarching issues that arise between charity law and social policy.

  • This up-to-date analysis of current changes in government and charity relationships across five countries provides a cross-cultural analysis and global view of charity law
  • The balanced assessment of charity law reviews, legislation, and jurisdictional differences gives readers a comprehensive understanding of the tensions at work
  • Considers overarching issues arising from charity law and social policy and helps readers understand the larger framework of charity law

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