Prof McDonald's Conveyancing Manual (7ed)

Prof McDonald's Conveyancing Manual
Prof McDonald's Conveyancing Manual (7ed)
Brand, D
Bloomsbury Professional

Professor McDonald's Conveyancing Manual is not only a well-established textbook for LLB and Diploma students but also an essential source of reference for practitioners.

Part 1: Preliminary Matters - General introduction. Authentication. Capacity. Delivery. Stamp duty land tax, stamp duty and VAT.
Part 2: Dispositons - Feudal background. The disposition - general. Descriptions. Reservations. Other Clauses. Registration. The effects of possessions - prescripiton.
Part 3: Regulation of Landownership - Land regulation: introduction. Title conditions - general/servitudes/enforcement/variation and discharge/ feudal real burdens. Public law restrictions on land use.
Part 4: Subordinate Rights - Securities and Leases - Securities general. Standard securities. Floating charges. Leases: general. Commercial Leaes. Agricultual leases. Residential Leases.
Part 5: Transmission - Contracts of sale and purchase. Statutory titles. transmission on death. Completion of title. Examination of title. A typical conveyancing transaction. transactions with companies. Appendices.

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