Private Limited Companies: Formation & Management (3ed)

Private Limited Companies: Formation & Management (3ed)
Brough, GH
Hb + cd
W Green & Son

The 3rd Edition of this essential handbook provides a practical and straightforward guide to the formation and management of private limited companies. Expert Author Gordon Brough details procedures and forms required to incorporate a company, with a summary of the legal background to these procedures.Styles for a number of standard company documents are provided on a CD-ROM.

The text contains up-to-date information on all essential legal and commercial requirements of ongoing management, from commencing business to making changes to company structures. This book tackles the formation of private limited companies from a uniquely Scottish perspective and differences between Scots and English law are detailed wherever appropriate. As this has become an increasingly regulated area, this fully revised edition takes into account extensive changes in the law since 1997, including the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, the new Combined Code of Practice for Directors, changes made by the Companies Act 1989, implementing the 7th and 8th European Directives. This title also introduces various changes to the legislative code.

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