Privacy and Personality Rights: Commercial Exploitation and Protection

Privacy and Personality Rights
Privacy and Personality Rights: Commercial Exploitation and Protection
Deacon, R
Hb + cd
Jordan Publishing Ltd

This book is a practical guide to the drafting and protection of commercial agreements.

It is the first book on the market to draw together the different strands of the law including, privacy, defamation, broadcasting rights, sponsorship and merchandising. Analysis of the law is supplemented with precedent contractual agreements and injunctions enabling practitioners to respond quickly to their clients’ needs.

Article 8 of the ECHR protects an individual’s right to privacy, however, in the UK this is particularly difficult to implement due to the lack of UK legislation in this area. UK privacy law has developed as a result of several important cases over the past few years, such asCampbell v Mirror Group Newspapers, Douglas v Helloand most recently the litigation involving Max Moseley. This book reviews each of these cases and explains the current situation regarding UK Privacy Law.

Drawn from the Bar and the Press Complaints Commission the author team is uniquely placed to give an insight into this increasingly complex and important area of law and to provide practical advice for practitioners who represent ‘celebrity’ clients.

For anyone in the public eye whose image and reputation is their biggest commercial asset, they need to be able to protect this reputation and preserve their right to privacy whilst exploiting their image for commercial gain. When an individual’s rights are violated practitioners are frequently called upon to seek appropriate redress.

The book suitably equips the practitioner to represent such clients and includes useful precedent contracts, injunctions and claim documents on an accompanying CD-ROM.

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