Principles of Corporate Insolvency Law 5th ed

Principles of Corporate Insolvency Law 5th ed
Goode, Roy
Sweet and Maxwell

Principles of Corporate Insolvency Lawprovides a clear and concise treatment of the general principles underpinning corporate insolvency law. It was the first textbook to set down the conceptual framework of English corporate insolvency law, and as such is now regularly cited in Court and throughout the field.

  • Helps practitioners understand the complex principles on which disputes frequently turn
  • Combines academic rigour with a keen focus on problems of interest to practising lawyers
  • Highlights problem areas in legislation, case law and practice – and suggests theoretical and practical solutions
  • Examines the many recent developments in insolvency legislation and case law
  • Considers the latest amendments to the Insolvency Rules
  • Discusses developments in international insolvency law as they affect proceedings in the UK, including many important cross-border insolvency decisions.

Contents: The Framework of CorporateInsolvency LawThe Philosophical Foundationsof Corporate Insolvency LawThe Principlesof Corporate Insolvency LawThe Concept ofCorporate Insolvency LawThe Winding-UpProcess: An outlineWinding-Up: Assets Availablefor DistributionThe Proof, Valuation and Rankingof Claims in Winding-UpSet-Off and NettingAdministrative ReceivershipAdministration andReorganisationThe Avoidance of Transaction onWinding-Up or AdministrationImproper Tradingand Duties and Liabilities and DirectorsCross-Border InsolvencyInternational Insolvency.