Principles of Banking Law (3ed)

Principles of Banking Law (3ed)
Principles of Banking Law (3ed)
Cranston, R
Oxford University Press

Written by a leading figure in the field, this third edition of the Principles of Banking Law provides a authoritative account of the subject, incorporating all significant changes in banking law, regulation and practice that have occurred since the publication of the second edition in 2002.

The book provides the most authoritiat treatment of international banking and financial services law available, with in-depth expert coverage of global bank regulation, global payment systems, international bond instuments, and foreign exchange systems.

New to this edition:-

  • Expanded coverage of developments in other comparable jurisdictions, internet banking services and money laundering
  • Increased coverage of the EU directives on financial services to consumers
  • New advice on further reading points students to relevant sources for more detailed study

Contents: Part I: Banks, Banking and Bank Regulation1. Banking and Bank Organisations 2. Interbank Networks 3. Bank Regulation 4. Central Banking
Part II: Banks and their Customers5. The Banker-Customer Relationship 6. The Duty of Confidentiality 7. Advisory and Transactional Liability
Part III: Payment and Payment Systems8. Principles of Payment 9. Payment Methods 10. Settlement, Clearing and Netting
Part IV: Banks and Finance11. Lending; 12. Banks and the Capital Markets 13. Loan Sales and Securitization 14. Trade Finance 15. Security
Part V: the International Dimension16. International Banking 17. Cross-Border Banking

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