Preventative Orders

Preventative Orders
Preventative Orders
Buckett, E
Law Society Publishing

This practical and comprehensive guide is essential for all practitioners advising or representing organisations or individuals when obtaining or resisting preventative orders applied for in the High Court, County Court, Crown Court or Magistrates Court.

With a wide range of preventative orders now placing significant restrictions on an individual, this new book comprehensively deals with them collectively in one handy volume. Taking into account developments such as the new Criminal Procedure Rules, the latest Home Office and Ministry of Justice Guidance on various orders and recent case law,Preventative Orderssets out precisely how to apply for such orders and the preparatory steps leading to any court hearing.

Outlining the legislation and procedure, each type of order is analysed, including:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour Orders
  • Sex Offender Preventative Orders
  • Closure Orders
  • Violent Offender Orders
  • Football Banning Orders
  • Serious Crime Preventative Orders
  • Drinking Banning Orders

A final chapter details preventative orders following acquittal as well as other orders such as Notification Orders, Parenting Orders, Foreign Travel Orders, Dog Control Orders, Gating Orders and Forced Marriage Protection Orders. The appendices contain a detailed analysis of the pertinent rules, legislation and home office guidance, along with the wording from 25 draft orders approved at High Court or Court of Appeal level.

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