Practical Guide to Charity Law in Scotland

Practical Guide to Charity Law in Scotland
Practical Guide to Charity Law in Scotland
McNeill, J
W Green & Son

There are currently over 23,000 charities registered in Scotland - the last 40 years seeing an enormous increase with many more people prepared to accept the position of a charity trustee.

In tandem with this growth a number of charities have been found to be improperly run, leading to enhanced and intricate regulation being formed. It is essential that trustees get it right.

With Scottish charity law being distinct from that in England and Wales, and with its own Regulator, there is a requirement for a specific guide on charity law from a Scottish standpoint.A Practical Guide to Charity Lawis that book; a comprehensive manual to Scottish charity law in the 21st century.

The expert author team, led by General Editor James McNeill QC, covers the whole life of a charity within the text: from the initial moments of those contemplating setting one up, through operating it under the watchful eye of the Charity Regulator, to dealing with the assets when it has run its course.

Each section of the book guides you the reader through the processes, ensuring you can deal confidently with any related procedure, safe in the knowledge that the answers you need are easily found.

The text is entirely up-to-date, taking account of the 2005 Act with all amendments to present day and includes discussion in relation to recent guidance from the Scottish Charity Regulator. It covers the following essential areas:-

  • Starting a charity and becoming a trustee
  • Current best practice in Governance, or proper management
  • Current ideas on finance and fundraising
  • How to go about good investment and trading
  • Keeping an eye on when changes to your charity are needed

A Practical Guide to Charity Law in Scotlandis written in language that is accessible to everyone involved in running charities, allowing you to work together with donors and beneficiaries to the best modern standards of guidance.

This is an essential resource for those who manage charities of all sizes, such as professional administrators and the vast number of unpaid administrative secretaries, chairs and treasurers. It also provides a compendium for solicitors and advocates providing advice to trustees.

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