Pledge and Lien

Pledge and Lien
Pledge and Lien
Steven, A
Edinburgh Legal Education Trust

This book is the first comprehensive account of the law of Pledge and Lien - 'pledge' being the primary moveable security under Scots common law and 'lien' a form of security which mostly arises by implication rather than by express creation.

It offers a detailed analysis of the current law, traces the historical development of the two securities and examines Roman, English and other influences in the context of Scotland a mixed legal system

Key Issues covered include:

  • use of pledge and lien in practice
  • obligations which can be secured
  • constitution of pledge and the pre-requisites for lien
  • property which can be encumbered
  • enforcement
  • extinction
  • special lien and general lien
  • the distinction between pledge and lien
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