Planning (4ed)

Planning (4ed)
Collar, N
W Green & Son

The most up-to-date treatment of planning law in Scotland — providing you with all the information you need in one book

• Written by an expert author who understands how the planning system operates — explaining the practical implications of changes on your job

• Discusses significant changes, including the Historic Environment (Scotland) Act 2014, sustainable development and the new and consolidated regulations for development management

• Addresses the new national planning policy context — Scottish Planning Policy, published by the Scottish Government in June 2014

This 4th edition of Neil Collar’s highly respected text is the only publication available providing a complete outline of all the changes to Scottish planning in recent years.

It provides a full overview and in-depth explanation of how the various sub-topics within the subject interact and affect those working in planning. The text is written in a practical and approachable style with its aim to guide the reader through the real-life implications of the vast changes to have impacted on the subject. The author also has a keen understanding of the relevance of human rights in the planning process and discussion of this subject is integrated into the individual chapters.

Covering all new issues relating to planning, such as changes to procedure for development management, schemes of delegation and local reviews, and planning appeals, this edition is the most up-to-date resource available. Neil Collar has updated the text with all recent legislation, procedural amendments and case law, ensuring that you have the information required to carry out your day-today job with confidence.

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