Pipes Mains Cables & Sewers 6ed

Pipes Mains Cables & Sewers 6ed
Pipes Mains Cables & Sewers 6ed
Wilkinson, H
Sweet & Maxwell

Now in its sixth edition, this highly respected book provides clear and concise guidance to the basic legal principles governing the laying of conduits, their use and compensation. The types of conduit discussed include those for the carriage of water, gas, electricity, oil and petroleum, telecommunications and effluent.
Divided into two useful sections covering separately the laying of conduits by private agreement and by statutory authority, this edition, written by a highly respected property author, has been brought fully up to date. It now incorporates over 400 new statutory measures and 30 cases reflecting recent developments in topical areas such as environmental protection and cable television. The author discusses cases such as St John's College, Oxford v Thames Water, Mercury Communications v London and India Dock Investment Ltd and Cambridge Water Co v Eastern Countries Leather plc. His inclusion of examples of scales of compensation adds considerably to the book's practical value.

Statutory coverage includes:
* the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
* the Water Industry Act and the Water Resources Acts 1991
* the Competition and Service (Utilities) Act 1992
* the Environment Act 1995
* the Gas Act 1995
* the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1995
Handy in size yet comprehensive in scope, this work will be invaluable to practitioners advising in the area. It provides ready access to material on many of the problems encountered in legal practice, and acts as
a unique one-stop reference source to the law and practice of this entire subject.

* Excellent reputation
* Practical and concise guide to a complex subject
* Well-known and highly regarded author

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