Personal Injury Pleadings (5ed)

Personal Injury Pleadings
Personal Injury Pleadings (5ed)
Curran, P
Hb + cd
Sweet & Maxwell

Supplying everything you need for settling pleadings in personal injury claims, Personal Injury Pleadings:

  • Includes a comprehensive range of personal injury pleadings from general topics such as occupiers’ liability and motorists liability, to specific areas such as liabilities for sports injuries and injuries by animals
  • Lays out pleadings in modern fashion using plain English, updated to reflect the most recent changes to the CPR
  • Provides a selection of defences, paired with specific pleadings
  • Includes guidance on basic considerations to take into account before drafting each type of pleading
  • Offers discussion of relevant case law as it applies to specific types of pleadings
  • Includes relevant legislative provisions, current and legacy, for context and ease of reference
  • Lays out pleading headings alphabetically for ease of use
  • Includes a CD which consists of all pleadings in electronic format, organised by chapter, as per the mainwork
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