Personal Injury Pleadings (4ed)

Personal Injury Pleadings (4ed)
Curran, P
Hb + cd
Sweet & Maxwell

Personal Injury Pleadingsis a major reference work for settling pleadings in personal injury matters. The work contains virtually everything that is needed to draft pleadings in any personal injury case, with guidance on relevant case law, legislation and sample pleadings - all in a single, convenient volume. The book is not only up to date with the language of pleadings, but also reflects the spirit of the law under the Civil Procedure Rules.

Personal Injury Pleadings, 4th edition, is written in modern English terminology and new model statements of case are transparent and easy to use. Also covering defences, the work is relevant to both claimant and defendant practitioners.

This edition has been extensively revised in the light of developments in personal injury practice since the introduction of the Civil Procedure Rules and includes new chapters on developing areas. The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the precedents featured in the book. The precedents are in Word format and are organised by subject/chapter so you can easily find and cut and paste the specimen pleadings into your case documentation.

A radical reconstruction of the book has resulted in even greater ease of use for the busy practitioner:

  • New section on class actions
  • Extensive updated references to relevant case law
  • General updating to reflect changes to CPR
  • Re-arranged chapters for easier navigation
  • Includes a new chapter on Costs
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