Personal Injury Limitation Law (3ed)

Personal Injury Limitation Law (3ed)
Personal Injury Limitation Law (3ed)
Burton, F
Bloomsbury Professional

The third edition of Personal Injury Limitation Law is a comprehensive and practical guide to the law of limitation periods in personal injury actions. Pitfalls and problems are highlighted and the limitation periods are clearly outlined. All this ensures that practitioners never issue or serve proceedings outside the legal time limits.

For ease and speed of use, this accessible book is divided into three user-friendly sections. Part 1 deals with the subject in depth and detail, and works as a highly practical reference guide covering all aspects of PI limitation law. Part 2 offers more than 400 major case summaries, both reported and unreported, and Part 3 contains all the relevant legislation and rules.

The third edition has been updated to include coverage of:The updated rules on service implemented since the second edition; A v Hoare; B v Ministry of Defence (the Atomic Veteran Litigation); Cain v Francis; B v Nugent Care Society; Aktas v Adepta.

The new edition contains detailed analysis of these landmark cases together with explanations of how they apply in practice.

Personal Injury Limitation Law, third edition, also includes a wholly rewritten chapter to reflect the updated service rules and how to bring proceedings in time in the context of bulk issue centres and straitened court resources. In addition, the case summaries section has been greatly expanded to provide a comprehensive compendium of all recent relevant decisions.

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