Personal Injury Handbook (2ed)

Personal Injury Handbook (2ed)
Curran, P
Sweet & Maxwell

This edition of the Personal Injury Handbook is a concise, straightforward and practical guide to the conduct of personal injury claims. Ideal for barristers and solicitors at all levels, it starts by dealing with the establishment of liability and goes on to look at how to construct a claim for damages. It then proceeds to cover the practicalities and detail of Procedural Rules such as limitation and payments into court, and of funding.

In order to aid practitioners in the preparation of their own cases it highlights and analyses the effects of:

  • key cases
  • evidentiary issues
  • relevant legislation

The Handbook can be used as a handy reference both in and out of court, being both portable and user-friendly. The chapters are ordered logically to highlight the main procedural and case management issues, and the text is formatted to enable ease of reference. Its pocket paperback format makes it extremely practical to carry into court.

In the 3 years since the last edition there have been a number of major changes in the area including:

  • the abolition of Legal Aid for personal injury work
  • the effects of the Woolf Reforms
  • the Lord Chancellor's Department consultation paper on the rate of return to be assumed for calculating multipliers for future loss

As a result the new edition has been substantially expanded and transformed.
The Personal Injury Handbook, 2nd edition is published in association with the Personal Injury Bar Association

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