Outrageous Invasions: Celebrities' Private Lives, Media, and the Law

Outrageous Invasions
Outrageous Invasions: Celebrities' Private Lives, Media, and the Law
Barnes, R
Oxford University Press USA

In 'Outrageous Invasions: Celebrities' Private Lives, Media, and the Law', Professor Robin D. Barnes examines the role and nature of privacy in Western democracies.

Celebrities are routinely subjected to stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy, and defamation. These occurrences are often violations of their constitutional rights. Professor Barnes addresses growing concerns about the widespread immunity from liability enjoyed by United States tabloid publishers. Outrageous Invasions chronicles these experiences and the legal battles waged by celebrities in both the United States and European Union against a press corps that continuously invades their private lives.

Professor Barnes analyzes doctrinal developments in cases from the United States Supreme Court and the High Courts of Europe. These cases demonstrate that American celebrities are entitled to, but not receiving, the same protections as their European counterparts. In Outrageous Invasions, Professor Barnes explains the value of the rights of the individual to democratic nations. She notes the importance of insuring appropriate protection for freedom of expression and associational freedom through meaningful regulation in the instances when speech rights collide with equally important values such as privacy and equality.

  • The first comprehensive attempt to address problems in the laws of defamation and invasion of privacy by the entertainment press from a comparative law perspective
  • Addresses the legal, social, and political dimensions of privacy and free expression, with an eye toward global community development
  • Includes relevant, real-world examples of concepts discussed

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