Obligations (2ed)

Hogg Obligations
Obligations (2ed)
Hogg, M
Avizandum Publishing Ltd

This is the first Scots text to take a unitary approach to the law of obligations, and to investigate and explain the interaction of the obligations with each other.

The text applies legal theory to concrete examples, and sets out the issues of liability in a clear and coherent way. By the use of worked examples and analysis of relevant case law, particularly in commercial actions, the law is set in its practical context.

Topics covered include:

  • concurrent liability
  • unilateral promise
  • unjustified enrichment
  • liability for pre-contractual expenditure
  • unjustified sacrifice

Obligations is suitable for students, and also for practitioners who may be faced with complex transactions involving more than one obligational claim or defence.

Martin Hogg is a senior lecturer in law at the University of Edinburgh

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