Newsletter Summer 2018

Summer has appeared for the annual 2 days in May, the Cherry Blossoms are blooming all over Edinburgh, Beltane has burnt out, the football season is over and now on with business of summer holidays, and selling books.

A brilliant wee publication has hit our shelves this month:  


 From Sale to Registration ; by Valerie Clough and Margaret Grieve.                                                          

A practical guide to registration under the Land registration etc (Scotland) Act 2012. Written by Valerie Clough and Margaret Grieve who have been answering practitioner’s questions on this subject for years! Everything is answered from the time of sale of a property to the completion of its registration in the Land Register. A superb companion for conyeyancers of all levels. £35.00 Published 30/04/18 


Talking of conyeyancers,

Conveyancing 2017 by Kenneth G Reid and George L Gretton has also just been published. The 19th volume in the series, offering a full and authoritative account of conveyancing law and practice in Scotland during the year 2017 and as usual covers: all reported cases, all statutory developments and much more material of interest to practitioners. £28.00 Published 30/04/18

And also written by the eminent professors

Land Registration; Kenneth Reid and George Gretton, Professors Reid and Gretton provide a detailed and authoritative guide to the new laes as set out in the 2012 Act and in the numerous statutory instruments made under that Act.

Among the topics covered are: the structure and contents of the Land Register, plans of the cadastral map, applications for registration, the completion of the Land Register by 2024 £125.00 Published 30/12/16