Newsletter Spring 2018

Spring is nearly here with bulbs and shoots popping out heralding the end of winter. For us GDPR books are popping up everywhere too and with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to come into force in May, we would like highlight the following titles which will help to break down and analyse what this will mean for both your firm's own data and that of the clients you advise.


EU General Data Protection :  Data protection has come of age, with a new generation of law, an expanding field of experienced professionals, a general public that increasingly values its privacy and understands when it has been infringed, and more sophisticated and powerful data protection authorities. This is an essential text for firms of all sizes in preparation for the regulation going live. Its key benefits are: A practical analysis of EU GDPR, it breaks the regulation down into easily digestible segments and it includes the full EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Data Protection: A Practical Guide to UK and EU is essential reading for all those working with data protection issues, and in compliance departments, as well as in-house and private practice lawyers, company secretaries, HR Officers and IT specialists, and has been adopted as 'recommended reading' on the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection Programme (

Digital Estate ·  This book provides an analysis of the rights and liabilities associated with digital information passing from, to and through computing and other devices owned and controlled by fiduciaries, including trustees, personal representatives, lasting and other attorneys, partners and company directors. Provides practical solutions to the problems that the individual and his personal representatives may face in securing succession to assets and safe transmission of information that may otherwise be deleted, locked or lost. 

A Practical Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  A concise practical guide to everything that practitioners and organisations need to know about the GDPR which is due to apply in the UK from 25th May 2018 regardless of any Brexit negotiations.

A User's Guide to Copyright, 7th edition is long established as one of the key texts in the field. Renowned for its practical, user-friendly and authoritative approach and for its practical application to the main copyright using industries, the book is considered essential reading for legal practitioners, copyright law students and - crucially - for those working in the copyright using industries.