This newsletter finds us almost halfway through the summer- and there’s even been some sunshine! As usual for this time of year, publisher activity has slowed down a little, but there are still some important new and forthcoming titles.

Before reporting on publisher news, we at Avizandum Bookshop have some news of our own! As many of you will be aware (especially if you’re following us on Twitter), Avizandum Bookshop has received BIALL’s Supplier of the Year award for 2015. Elizabeth and Lissie were present at the conference in Brighton, and were delighted to accept the award and to see so many new and old faces! We have been overwhelmed with messages of congratulations, and would like to take this opportunity sincerely to thank everyone who has been in touch. We’re honoured by the award, and will endeavour to live up to it!

Moving on to book news; Avizandum Publishing are preparing another brand new title; Local Planning Reviews in Scotland. This is the first dedicated text about local review bodies, following their introduction in 2009. The book provides an overview of the review system, and contains practical guidance for all those involved.

W Green are publishing two SULI titles this summer. The first, Constitutional Law in Scotland, came out at the end of June. Written by Professor Alan Page, this timely book has been several years in the making. Published in the aftermath of the Independence Referendum, this is the most in-depth treatment of Scottish Constitutional Law since Professor JDB Mitchell’s book in 1968. This will be followed by The Scottish Law of Leases, which is due to be published in August. The book examines leases through the eyes of five specialist authors, and looks set to become the most significant work on the area in Scots Law.

Also from W Green, July is set to bring Bartos and Meston on the Sucession (Scotland) Act 1964 (6ed). A new edition in the Annotated Acts series, the book also contains a commentary on section 29 of the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 and chapters on intestate succession.

Hart Publishing have just produced a new book on Charity Law. Although written from an English perspective, The 'New' Public Benefit Requirement does offer a comparative study of the law relating to public benefit in Scotland.

We can also look forward to the usual round of annuals over the next few weeks. LexisNexis have published Butterworths Insolvency Law 2015 (17ed), Butterworths Employment Law Handbook 2015 (23ed), and Tolley's Employment Law Handbook 2015 (29ed). The Scottish Law Directory (White Book) Fees Supplement is also due out later this month. CPAG will be publishing their Child Support Handbook 2015, along with a new edition of Child Support Legislation (12ed). Both are due later this month.

You can explore the sections below for more information about recently published or forthcoming titles. As always, we are happy to accept advance orders for forthcoming titles, and offer free delivery within the UK.