New Developments in UK and EU Competition Policy

New Developments in UK and EU Competition Policy
Clarke, R
Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd

Major developments have recently taken place in competition and antitrust policy in both the UK and EU. Following an informative overview, this timely volume presents authoritative accounts of recent changes and clear analyses of current policy.

Contents: Preface 1. Introduction 2. Dominant Firms and Monopoly Policy in the UK and EU 3. UK Merger Policy 4. Merger Policy in the EU 5. Horizontal Agreements and Restrictive Practices Policy in the UK and EU 6. EU and UK Vertical Restraints Policy Reform 7. Competition and Regulated Industries 8. Competition and Intellectual Property Rights in the European Union 9. EU State Aid Control 10. Conclusions and Future Prospects References Index Contributors: R. Clarke, C. Crampes, J. Cubbin, P.W. Dobson, D. Encaoua, A. Hollander, P. Maunder, E.J. Morgan, F. Wishlade

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