Missives (2ed)

Missives (2ed)
Cusine, DJ
Bloomsbury Professional

This established work is an invaluable aid to drafting Missives, suggesting model clauses, highlighting areas of potential difficulty and offering practical advice on avoiding common pitfalls.

This edition takes account of the substantive changes in the law introduced by the Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995, and the Contract (Scotland) Act 1997. Thoroughly revised it analyses recent case law, particularily in relation to actio quanto minoris and other remedies for breaches abd, while it still concentrates on the domestic transaction, it includes expanded chapters on missives in both agricultural and commercial transactions.


  • Introduction.
  • Constitution of missives.
  • Conclusion of missives.
  • Content of missives.
  • Commercial missives.
  • Farms and agricultural subjects.
  • The relationship of the missives to the disposition.
  • Breach of missives.
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