Mental Health Review Tribunals: Law, Practice and Procedure (2ed)

Mental Health Review Tribunal: Law Practice & Procedure 2ed
Mental Health Review Tribunals: Law, Practice and Procedure (2ed)
Butler, J
Jordan Publishing Ltd

Mental Health Tribunals: Law Practice and Procedure is a highly practical reference work for all those appearing before the tribunal and for tribunal members themselves.  Detailed explanatory commentary about the organisation, procedure and jurisdiction of the Tribunal is followed by an analysis of Tribunal powers in relation to both non-offender and offender patients.

This new edition has been methodically revised to take into account the developing procedure of the Tribunal system, the ongoing development of the mental health and mental capacity acts, as well as noting all significant case-law since the previous edition.

In addition to explanatory commentary, the work will be supplemented by a host of relevant materials including legislation and codes of practice, providing a one-stop-shop for tribunal members and those appearing before the Tribunal.

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