Medical Law Essentials

Medical Law Essentials
Medical Law Essentials
Earle, M
Dundee University Press

Medical Law Essentials is an invaluable guide for students, legal practitioners and health professionals. It provides up-to-date, concise and comprehensive coverage of medical law in Scotland and is the ideal text for those students who come new to the subject and for those preparing for exams. It is also an excellent resource for doctors, nurses and other health care providers who need to refresh or update their knowledge.

Summary sections of Essential Facts and Essential Cases help students to identify, understand and remember the key elements of the subject.

Contents: Introduction; Medical and Allied Professions; Fertility, Genetics and Reproduction; Negligence and Civil Liability; Consent; Confidentiality and Privacy; The Human Body and Transplantation; Medical Futility, Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide;

Table of Cases, Table of Statutes and an Index are also included.

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