Media Law (5ed)

Media Law
Media Law (5ed)
Carey, P
Sweet & Maxwell

Media Law provides a succinct and lucid introduction to all areas of the law relating to print, broadcast and electronic media. Written in a clear style, it is equally accessible to law and media students, as well as those working in the media world. Media lawyers have found previous editions invaluable as anintroductory text.

  • Includes coverage of all the different media platforms including radio, satellite, multi-channel, cable and the internet, looking at each one and providing guidance on licensing standards, competition, broadcast rights and mergers
  • Goes through the key issues and explains the complex principles of media law
  • Uses real-life cases and scenarios to show how the law is applied in practice
  • Clarifies complex issues using diagrams, flow charts, bulleted lists and tables
  • Covers case law and legislative developments
  • Incorporates more academic criticism and analysis to get students to engage and think about the subject
  • Contains extracts from the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, and the Press Complaints Commission’s Code of Practice
  • Points students to extended study with a detailedglossary and a list of website addresses
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