Manual of Accounting IFRS 2015 Pack

Manual of Accounting IFRS 2015 Pack
Manual of Accounting IFRS 2015 Pack
Bloomsbury Professional

This is the definitive guide to IFRS for those reporting outside of the UK. It provides practical guidance on the interpretation and application of all IFRSs issued by the IASB, and contains practical worked examples and extracts from company reports as well as model IFRS financial statements, which help to illustrate the explanations.

This pack comprises the following 3 volumes:
Manual of Accounting IFRS 2015 Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (9781780438092)
Illustrative IFRS Consolidated Financial Statements for 2014 year ends (9781780438085)

The new Manual of Accounting IFRS 2015 pack contains:
• Guidance on standards applicable to December 2014 year ends
• New extracts and examples

With input from over 100 members of PwC's Global Accounting Consulting Services authoring team, it provides extensive insight based on PwC's IFRS experience around the world.

In North America, Manual of Accounting IFRS Pack is of relevance to Canada, which has adopted IFRS accounting standards, but not to the US, which uses US GAAP.

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