Managing Scotland's Public Services (2ed)

Managing Scotland's Public Services 2ed
Managing Scotland's Public Services (2ed)
Mackie, R
W Green & Son

This new title considers the entire Scottish Public sector including the Scottish government, local government, the NHS, Police and Fire Services.  It offers essential guidance by examining the changes in Scottish Public Management since the 2007 Holyrood election.  Expert author Robert Mackie provides a fully up-to-date resource for practitioners operating in the public sector arena.


Section A:  The Past

  1. The Governance of Scotland
  2. Managing the Scottish Government and Scottish Public Bodies
  3. Local Government Management
  4. Management in the NHS
  5. Further and Higher Education Management
  6. New Public Management

Section B: The Present

  1. Strategic Management and Planning
  2. Organisational Performance Management
  3. Accountability and Management

Section C: The Future

  1. Achieving Outcomes
  2. Workforce Planning and Development
  3. The Future Delivery and Management of Public Services
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