MacGillivray on Insurance Law (13ed)

MacGillivray on Insurance Law
MacGillivray on Insurance Law (13ed)
Leigh-Jones, N
Sweet & Maxwell

MacGillivray on Insurance Law is the most authoritative work for analysis of the law and legislation governing non-maritime commercial insurance and risk.

It provides comprehensive coverage of the most recent cases, comparing English law with its Scottish, US and Commonwealth counterparts.

The 13th edition comes at a crucial time for the industry, with detailed analysis of the Insurance Act 2015 and its affect on the law of warranties, good faith and misrepresentation.


  • Comprehensive commentary on non-maritime commercial insurance and risk, including analysis of the law, latest cases, and legislative updates.
  • Explains the law and its practical application.
  • Section 1 covers the general principles and rules governing commercial insurance, risk and loss.
  • Section 2 considers different classes of insurance business, including life insurance, personal accident policies, fire policies, motor vehicle, and aviation insurance.
  • Section 3 is dedicated to regulation, with chapters on the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, Lloyd’s policies, and the role of agents.
  • Updated to acknowledge the most recent changes in the law and provide authoritative guidance on the highly significant Insurance Bill 2014-15.
  • Defines insurance and insurable interest.
  • Explains the rules on the formation, drafting, and termination of insurance contracts.
  • Extensive detail on the key subjects of good faith, warranties, and the duty of disclosure.
  • Discusses issues of fraud, misrepresentation, and non-disclosure by third parties.
  • Outlines the construction of insurance policies, the meanings of words, and inconsistencies in phrasing.

New to this edition

  • Examination of the Insurance Act 2015 – the most significant statutory change to UK commercial insurance in over 100 years
  • New chapter on the Insurance Act looks at the key changes to the law concerning the duty of fair presentation, warranties and remedies
  • The role of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 in insurance contracts
  • Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2012 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters (recast)
  • Significant volume of new case law including International Energy Group Limited v Zurich Insurance Plc. and Western Trading Ltd v Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK)
    Examines the rules of payment, renewal, and non-payment of premiums.
  • Analysis of the rights of two or more insurers and third party rights.
  • Dedicated chapter on subrogation, the exercising of such rights, and claims against the assured.
  • Compares English law with Scotland, the USA and the Commonwealth.
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