Local Planning Reviews in Scotland

Local Planning Reviews in Scotland
Local Planning Reviews in Scotland
Ferguson, A
Avizandum Publishing Ltd

Local Planning Reviews in Scotland is the first book about the system for local planning appeals established by the Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006. That Act provides that, where local planning decisions have been determined initially by an officer of the local authority, dissatisfied applicants have a right of appeal to a panel of local councillors – a local review body (‘LRB’).

Both before and after the new framework came into operation in 2009, there have been significant criticisms of the law underpinning it, and of the structure and operation of local planning reviews. This book sets out the genesis of the new system and provides a step-by-step guide through the process.

Local Planning Reviews in Scotland:

  • explains policy considerations and legislative background;
  • describes potential pitfalls for those advising LRBs and applicants alike;
  • outlines the review process;
  • gives guidance on how to present and consider an application for planning permission;
  • considers the human rights and other procedural issues;
  • explores further avenues for redress open to an applicant.

 This is a practical and accessible guide for all those involved in planning decisions, including applicants for review and their agents; planning authorities; government officials; local government officers; solicitors; surveyors; architects; and planning consultants.

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