Listed Buildings Conservation Areas & Monuments (4ed)

Listed Buildings Conservation Areas & Monuments (4ed)
Mynors, C
Sweet & Maxwell

Offering a complete and comprehensive guide to this highly complex area of the law, Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Monuments:

  • Explains how buildings are listed and included in conservation areas, how planning controls apply to historic buildings and areas, what powers there are to bring about repairs, plus what happens if works are carried out without consent
  • Includes all relevant legislation and case law, including the recent changes brought in by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and associated regulations and policy documents, along with over 150 new judicial decisions
  • Covers in-depth treatment of extent of listing, including "curtilage", VAT on works to listed buildings, World heritage sites and criminal prosecution for unauthorised works
  • Features procedural flowcharts, and valuable appendices containing precedents, sample conditions, sentencing levels and forthcoming changes to the law
  • Includes coverage of the new law on historic buildings in the Republic of Ireland
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