Leniency Regimes: Jurisdictional Comparisons (4ed)

Leniency Regimes
Leniency Regimes: Jurisdictional Comparisons (4ed)
Arquit, K
European Lawyer Ltd

Leniency Regimes – Jurisdictional comparisons is the essential reference guide for companies, their legal advisers and private practitioners. Covering 29 major jurisdictions worldwide this title offers you insight into the leniency regimes, and much more:

• Includes contributions from leading local practitioners who are experts in the field of competition/antitrust law
• Reader-friendly Q&A format allows for easy cross-jurisdictional comparisons
• Contains key information and highlights all of the major aspects of leniency regimes in major jurisdictions
• Facilitates understanding of what can and cannot be done in the various jurisdictions
• Provides insight into the increasingly complex and important questions companies face when considering whether to apply for leniency on a worldwide level
• Helps in managing cross-border leniency applications and complying with the obligations associated with completion of leniency applications

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