Lawyers Costs and Fees: Conveyancing Fees & Duties (41ed)

Lawyers Costs and Fees: Conveyancing Fees & Duties (41ed)
Bloomsbury Professional

Lawyer's Costs and Fees: Conveyancing Fees and Duties 41st edition is one of a series of booklets which provide accessible, up-to-date scales of costs and fees in a practical and convenient format.

1 Stamp Duty Land Tax
2 Land Registry
3 Local land charges - searches and enquiries
4 Drainage and Water searches
5 Commons Registration search
6 Environmental searches and reports
7 Coal mining searches and reports
8 Tin and copper mining searches in parts of South West England
9 China clay searches
10 Radon searches
11 Cheshire brine subsidence searches
12 Companies House
13 Gypsum mining
14 The National Land Information Service ("NLIS")
15 Information available from "English Heritage"
16 London underground searches
17 Ordnance Survey information
18 Chancel repair
19 Rates on interest under s 32 Land Compensation Act 1961
20 Law Society interest rates
21 Other telephone numbers

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