Law of Public and Utilities Procurement (3ed) Vol 2

Law of Public and Utilities Procurement (3ed) Vol 2
Law of Public and Utilities Procurement (3ed) Vol 2
Arrowsmith, S
Sweet & Maxwell

This new edition of a work regarded as “the bible” on public procurement issues provides a detailed analysis of the legal and policy framework for procurement in the EU and UK.  This Edition is in two Volumes.  Volume 1 details the core public sector rules.  Volume 2 covers more specialist areas such as e-procurement, utilities, concessions and defence, as well as specifications, social and environmental policies,  remedies, Brexit and third countries.

This Volume:
  • Includes comprehensive coverage of the regimes on concessions, utilities and defence/ security procurement
  • Provides in-depth analysis of the scope for green and social procurement
  • Explains the new rules on e-procurement, including on dynamic purchasing systems and e-catalogues
  • Contains detailed explanation of the rules on drafting specifications
  • Offers extensive analysis of remedies at national and EU level, including their application to framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems
  • Examines the options for regulation after Brexit, including their detailed impact in different areas of procurement policy (trade, award procedures, green and social procurement, and enforcement)
  • Covers extensive new case law on all subjects
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