Law of Nuclear Energy

Law of Nuclear Energy
Law of Nuclear Energy
Cook, H
Sweet & Maxwell

This new title, written by nuclear law expert Helen Cook, is a unique and invaluable handbook covering all aspects of the legislative framework for nuclear power and nuclear power projects.

It gives you an all-inclusive overview of nuclear law and nuclear power projects, providing a foundation upon which governments and regulators can pave the future of nuclear power, particularly in emerging markets. Not only does it acts as a practical guide for development corporations, technical consultants and financiers operating in this area, but it is also a detailed and up to date reference book for practitioners and students of the legal discipline.

The book examines the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines and provides a "roadmap" for programme development and implementation, giving you insight into and guidance on future developments and amendments to existing legislative and regulatory infrastructure for nuclear power programmes.

  • Provides a template for creating and developing a national nuclear law infrastructure and national regulatory authority
  • Discusses how to properly implement the obligations contained in the international conventions at a national level
  • Sets out the role and authority of various international agencies, including the IAEA, Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD, Nuclear Suppliers Group, International Commission on Radiological Protection
  • Identifies best international practice with reference to different national systems, particularly where they represent contemporary approaches or evolving international norms
  • Examines cross-border and conflict of law issues such as nuclear liability, international nuclear transportation, importation or exportation
  • Covers how to evaluate tenders and select a successful tender for new nuclear construction
  • Describes the construction process, including licensing and permitting, and dispute management and avoidance
  • Explores both traditional and new approaches to nuclear power plant financing
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