Law of Motor Insurance (2ed)

Law of Motor Insurance
Law of Motor Insurance (2ed)
Merkin, RM
Sweet & Maxwell

The Law of Motor Insurance offers practitioners comprehensive guidance for dealing with all aspects of motor insurance cases.

It covers both the substantive law, including detailed analysis of insurance policies, and all procedural aspects.

This new 2nd edition is up to date with the latest developments in European and UK law after implementation of the 5th EC Directive on Motor Insurance Law.

  • Explains the general principles of insurance law for background
  • Discusses the distinct legal and regulatory framework of motor insurance law
  • Goes through the coverage in motor policies
  • Shows how liability is established taking into account the general principles of liability, duty of care and breach of duty, the award of damages and available defences
  • Demonstrates step-by-step how to pursue motor insurance claims, from pre-action conduct and case management to costs and after-event insurance
  • Advises on claims against uninsured and untraced drivers via the Motor Insurers Bureau
  • Covers international motor insurance, both UK drivers abroad and foreign drivers in the UK
  • Contains detailed analysis of all relevant legislation, regulations and cases, from within the UK, EU and outside the EU
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