Law of Insurance Broking (2ed)

Law of Insurance Broking (2ed)
Henley, C
Sweet & Maxwell

This is the only book dedicated to all aspects of a broker's professional activities and the application of the relevant law to his business.

It emphasises the legal implications of the relationships between the client, the agent and third parties - and details the many changes in the law since the last edition 12 years ago.
Throughout, it focuses on the practical problems faced daily by brokers, such as net rating, funding, security vetting, rights to documents, profit commissions and letters of engagement.

  • A practical, up-to-date guide offering workable solutions to legal problems
  • Complete coverage of the contract of insurance, with particular reference to classification and interpretation of terms
  • Full updates of areas such as good faith, the premium, the claims process, and the professional liability and regulation of insurance brokers
  • Cites a wealth of case law
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