Law of Evidence (6ed)

Law of Evidence (6ed)
Dennis, I
Sweet & Maxwell
  • Provides analysis of the law of evidence, while placing the subject within its theoretical context
  • Offers an integrated approach to evidence which includes essential doctrinal analysis
  • Goes beyond other textbooks to explain the intricacies of the law of evidence whilst still remaining easy to understand
  • Takes account of evidence theory, psychological research on information processing and retrieval, socio-legal work on police investigations, and jury research projects
  • Presented in a logical structure following on from the introduction of the basic concepts through to the exclusionary rules of the law of evidence
  • Contains detailed footnotes, providing key references for further reading

New to edition:

  • Fully updates the case law, including significant decisions on the privilege against self-incrimination, confessions, examination of witnesses, hearsay evidence and bad character evidence
  • Takes account of important new literature on vulnerable witnesses
  • Incorporates major changes to the rules on expert evidence.

Contents: Part 1: Understanding Evidence: The Foundations of the LawAn Introduction to the Law of EvidenceThe Aims of the Law of EvidenceRelevance and AdmissibilityFacts and Factfinding
Part 2: Obtaining Evidence: Pre-Trial Procedures and the Regulation of AccessThe Privilege Against Self-Incrimination and the Right to SilenceConfessionsIdentification EvidenceEvidence Obtained by Illegal or Unfair MeansDisclosure and ImmunityLegal Professional Privilege
Part 3: Adducing Evidence: Trial Procedures and the Principles of ProofBurden and Standard of ProofForms of Proof and Alternatives to ProofWitnessesExamination of WitnessesVulnerable and Suspect Witnesses
Part 4: Using Evidence: The Scope and Limits of Exclusionary RulesThe Scope and Rationale of the Hearsay RuleThe Hearsay Rule: Exceptions and ReformsEvidence of Character and Other MisconductCross-Examination of the AccusedOpinion and Expert Evidence

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